The Main character - performance


"The background noise was quickly dying, but I didn't understand why at first. Nothing was being projected on the screen, no one was making any official presentation on the microphone... Then I realized that everyone was staring at Aldís. She was standing on the other side of the room and was talking to a man. I didn't hear what she said, but I thought it was weird that everyone would stare at her when it was obviously a private conversation (!) She walked away from him, towards another person, and then another one, and another one. It's only when she was getting closer that I heard she was describing what she was doing while moving through the room. She was talking about what see did in third person always, but sometimes stopped to ask someone if she could look under his/her shoe. Why? I don't know but it didn't matter to me. I felt like projected into a story book, like if we - spectators- became the actors of a story that Aldis was telling to someone else. The whole room was filled of "frozen" beings, mute and motionless, staring at the narrator of their own story. We slid from reality to fiction for a little while, like if our life was on "pause" the time for someone - Aldis- to make a story out of it. It was a great impression to became the heros of a story just by being ourselves, by being there. The process of storytelling and the roles we take in each others lives was put into skin and bones, made very concrete suddenly. What an interesting feeling to be simultaneously the actor and the spectator of a scene... "

Lucie Barut